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The Inner Voice of Trading
by Nicholas Granja
Amazon Review
I really like what he says a the beginning of the book:

"If you take away anything from this book, make it these points:

1. Trading profitably is about mathematical expectation;

2. Knowing yourself is more important that what you know."

This is a great place for a trader to start, I never got anywhere until I understood these two pieces of advice. Michael might sound a little esoteric for some people but I personally thing that his advice is spot on. He is also a rare combination of successful trader that knows how to teach and knows a lot of the best traders in history on top of that.

My favorite thing is that he has been able to explain many of Ed Seykota's concepts in a much more accessible way.
by "Greeny"
Amazon Review
Unlike a lot of books on trading the markets, this one does not advocate a technical or fundamental method. It's about recognizing why one trades in the market. Martin writes about achieving certain feelings as a central goal of trading. This is a little poetic. He advocates meditation, as do more and more market wizards.

Once started, I could not put this book down. If Martin is correct, it changes everything. Notions of success and failure are changed. For example, we should learn to see the acceptance of a small loss that could have turned into a large one as a great trade. We should learn to "surrender" to the situation. Humility is more important than in most endeavors.

Martin's book helped me to recognize more of what I don't know.

"In The Inner Voice of Trading, Michael Martin recounts this own quest to become a successful trader, illuminating his journey with engaging trading episodes. Join Martin at his trading desk as he provides important insights into the art and science of balancing thoughts and feelings -- and catching the big one..."

Ed Seykota, Market Wizard, wrote the Foreword to Inner Voice of Trading

"Michael is totally wise and this book is very needed. 

Michael Marcus, former Commodities Corporation Trader 

"Some people trade and either don't or can't teach; some people teach and have never traded; Michael Martin can teach extremely well and is an experienced trader. This rare combo is a necessity to those who want to succeed in the markets. Read and learn."

Victor Sperandeo, aka "Trader Vic" & Market Wizard

"The Inner Voice of Trading provides insights that may help both discretionary and systematic traders adhere to their extensively researched and tested trading programs and be better insulated from their occasional emotional (fear, greed, pride, and so on) temptations to deviate into unchartered waters."

Bill Dunn, DUNN Capital Management 
inside the Free audiobook
trading wisdom from the greats
There are many lessons that you are going to learn inside of this book. No one is immune from random market activity. The best you can do is harness volatility...how you do that is the key to your trading success and career. 

Three of the most important things that you will learn:
  • What the best holding periods are for the biggest moves.  
  • Why the trading greats continuously experiment trading ideas. 
  • Why the pros avoid chart patterns, but what they do look for.
Concept #1. How the pros mastered positioning themselves for the big moves with optimal risk.
Concept #3. The "Marcus Trifecta" approach to trade selection. Have these 3 elements aligned for monster gains.
Concept #2. In order to trade "boom and bust" situations, the greatest traders know this one key thing to avoid being the patsy.
Concept #4. How the best traders scour the markets for the least obvious, low-risk, high-reward trades.
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